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Jib length: 75m:
Tip load:3t:
Max lifting capacity:16t:

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Jib length: 75m

Tip load:3t

Max lifting capacity:16t

Lifting power:75KW

Slewing power:2*7.5KW

Trolleying power:11KW

Lifting speed:0-90m/min

Slewing speed:0-7.5r/min

Trolley speed: 0-100m/min

1. The Mast of the tower body is of 2×2×3m fishplate structure, and  generally used with the mainstream manufacturer.

2. Balance weight guardrail: The guardrail is provided during installation of balance weight

3. If the moment limiter, the loading lifting limiter and other safety device are removed  against rules, SANY  tower crane will refuses to work although shorted with a wire

4. Real time operating condition display technology

5. Black box technology

6. Top incline protection technology :  intelligent detector provided for intelligent monitoring of balance of top removal  and used for prevent top incline

7. Over-top protection technology :  intelligent over-top control provided to prevent over-top by automatic alarming during over-travel

8. Intelligent failure diagnose and alarm :  including >20 alarm information diagnose acousto-optic alarming