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Operating Weight:1820kg
Engine Power:10.3/2200kW/rpm
Bucket Capacity:0.06m³

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SY20C mini excavator (1.75 ton excavator) features optimized controllability with the application of mature load sensing system and independently developed hydraulic commissioning technique.

Superior Performance 

SY20C 1.75 ton excavator adopts 10.3/2200KW/rpm engine and optimized power matching technology, providing efficient, economical and reliable performance for the toughest of jobs.

The Tier 3 engine is environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and low emissions.

High Stability and Reliability

All the parts have been strengthened, especially the working devices such as the bucket, the boom and the crawler belt.

With extended boom and reinforced undercarriage, the machine can provide stable performance in various complicated working environments.

User Friendly Design

Being compact, the machine is very flexible and can work in a narrow jobsite.

Its load sensing system and automated technology make the operation easier.

The ergonomic design in the cab like the chair, the joystick and the standard canopy with newly-designed damping system give the operator a comfort experience.

The alert and monitoring system gives real-time feedback about the machine’s dynamics, highly improving the safety of both the operator and the machine.