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Motor Power:37kW
Theoretical Pressure:8Mpa
Theoretical Output:8m³/h

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High Efficiency Pumping System

Hydraulic double-cylinder piston pumping system delivers smoother flow and spraying.

Automatic lubrication system extends the service life of the pistons.

Improved material path reduces pumping resistance and pipe blockages.

Superior pump control valve design, equipped with high-pressure relief valves, ensure safe and easy cleaning.

Advanced Hydraulic System

Innovative hydraulic system design matches any job application in the field.

The high-pressure, large displacement system outputs 8 m³/h with an outlet pressure of 8 MPa. Capable of pumping to a height of up to 100m.

Electronically controlled reversing function provides quick, smooth direction change and optimizes pumping continuity.

Constructed with globally recognized, quality components.

Precise Control System

The SANY developed SYMC control system offers real time control and monitoring on a high-definition display.

Automatic pre-start checks provide worry free operation.

Ergonomic design provides precise control and reduces operator fatigue.